A silky white veil wrapping the car park creates an elegant base for the work spaces to rest upon, elevating them into the light and views of the surrounding greenery.

Beyond the conventional office building which connects you directly from your car to your desk by elevator, the objective of Cloud Campus is to give you multiple pathways. You can take a walk, stretch your legs, get a breath of fresh air.


Once in the lobby, you will understand that you are in a different type of building and your options will be unlimited.

You will be greeted by a full-time concierge and enjoy 24-hour security.

Enjoy the airy but secluded space where you can start your meetings or have a coffee. The building is perforated with small intimate court yards which provide varied backdrops for your day.

Work in the Light

One of the defining qualities of the Cloud Campus is natural light. Ceiling heights are generous and floor plate dimensions have been designed to optimize light and connection to the outside. Users will be able to control the light by means of mechanical shading systems and also minimize the use of artificial lighting.

And Work Creatively

The design of the spaces is intended to be beautifully raw and flexible for the needs of a diverse work force, engaging in the dynamic and fast -paced world of today’s digital culture. The spaces will provide a canvas for the colour that each of the occupants will bring to the Cloud Campus.

Expand your Horizons

More than ever, it's important to step outside of your comfort zone and engage others, to become part of a community. Cloud Campus offers a number of opportunities for users to expand their world, both physically and socially.

The Cloud Suites begin at level 7 with a communal lounge and terrace where you can connect with your colleagues, guests and neighbours. The Cloud Terrace wraps the base of the upper tower on 3 sides and extends over the East wing. Areas can be reserved for your own special events.

Take a Walk

Tenants of the Cloud Campus can park their car in the security of the elevated central parking garage. From there, occupants are offered a varied range of spaces to use and explore, supported by a supplementary network of pedestrian access which means that you don’t have to always take the same route from your car to your desk.

Cloud Campus encourages you to get onto your feet and circulate. Step out on to a terrace and get some fresh air. With more and more of our world locked around a computer, it is even more vital to get up and take a walk. The Cloud Campus landscape allows you to do just that, offering different views and experiences at different levels.

Quiet Welcome

The main entry to the building is situated behind the front existing building off of Lesmill Road, creating a quiet and exclusive point of arrival. Located at the heart of the campus, occupants and their guests are greeted by an intimate and protected courtyard which signals the entrance to the refreshing environment.

The courtyard and lobby can be accessed by a generous covered drop-off area screened behind a lush green garden. If you are approaching the building from Duncan Mill Road, you can slip into the building under the East wing which just out dramatically while effortlessly negotiating access to the sheltered parking above and a private pedestrian entrance.

Building Features

  • Full-time concierge and 24-hour security.
  • Airy grand lobby finished with pure and natural materials and elegant minimalist design.
  • 2 elevator cores serving the main portion of the building, providing a total of 3 high-speed elevators and a freight elevator. An additional elevator is dedicated to the East wing on Duncan Mill Road.
  • Levels 2-11 are comprised of a glass curtain wall with energy efficient windows.
  • A silky white veil wraps 5 levels of private parking, locker and bicycle storage, accessible by FOB.
  • Generous ceiling heights and floor plate dimensions designed to optimize light and connection to the outside.
  • Mechanical shading systems to minimize the use of artificial lighting.
  • Communal lounge and terrace on level 7 where you can connect with your colleagues, eat lunch outside, or enjoy the outdoors. Areas can be reserved for special events.
  • Secure elevated central parking garage with a varied range of spaces to use and explore, supported by a supplementary network of pedestrian access.
  • Intimate and protected courtyard.
  • Many suites feature double-height outdoor spaces which enhance their connections to the outside.
  • generous covered drop-off area screened behind a lush green garden.
  • Ample secure bike parking facility easily accessible from both Lesmill Road and Duncan Mill Road.
  • Registered with the certification goal of LEED® gold.
  • Entire building is fully equipped with a secure access system, 24 hour monitored security cameras in the parking garage, elevators, and common areas.
  • Half kilometre walking path on 7th floor common area outdoor patio.
  • Members-only full featured 24-hour health club available to all occupants.